October 2016 Update

A world of thanksgiving

Twenty-three family members, from six nationalities, gathered for thanksgiving at inasmuch house on a beautiful sunny day to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

The love, talk, and laughter that filled the house was truly amazing.  A 13.5 Kg fresh turkey had been donated, and when the usual trimmings and foods from all various other countries were added, it completed the celebration!

Between dinner and dessert the whole group formed a laughing gaggle that strolled the colours of Mill Lake Park. The joy was inexplicable. 

The blessings that God heaped on us over the last few months include:

  • Refugee protection was granted last month for a young Kurdish woman from Northern Iraq who now has applied for her work visa and permanent residency. 
  • A young Afghan couple who were granted refugee protection in the spring of 2015 are expecting their first baby early next month. 
  • In February, a young Kurdish couple began working at Phantom Screens in Abbotsford.  When they arrived in Canada in July of 2015 the husband had virtually no English. Through his hard work in learning English he was promoted last month within the finance department. The young wife is a journalist and is working on her writing.
  • Our young man from Cameroon began a masters program in Environmental Reclamation at SFU in September.
  • The young Afghan teenager who came to inasmuch last September is now studying engineering at UBC.
  • The 19 year-old young Nigerian is now living and working in construction in Surrey.  He phones every couple of weeks to see how his inasmuch family is doing. 
  • Volunteers have been coming to assist our young Burundian mother with the twins. She is a wonderful mom, the twins are now 8 months old, but she misses her two children and husband who are still in Burundi. 
  • Much of the success of these and other family member is due to the English instruction given freely and with love by Dr. Angela who spends at least 12 hours a week with family members, with teaching focused on the education from their home countries. 
  • We have also been blessed with our own harvest! The six raised bed vegetable garden gave us all excellent produce which was included in most meals.

The Ride for Refuge

Each October the Ride for Refuge takes place across North America with teams formed to raise funds for their work with refugees and refugee claimants. The 18-member inasmuch team comprised current and former family members, volunteers, and an age range from eight months to 90 years. 

The distances were from 5km walk to 10, 25 and 50km bike rides.  We outfitted the team with inasmuch “T” shirts, sweat and laughed together, and raised over $3,000 for inasmuch house!

New inasmuch website

Three men, Richard, Jeret, and Adam have produced a wonderful gift for inasmuch, a new website.  After many hours of interviews and “branding” the site www.inasmuch.ca is up and running. A video for the site is also under production and will be added to the site next month. Please take a few minutes to view it.  

Inasmuch Charitable Status

Inasmuch Community Society was granted charitable status by the Canadian Revenue Agency in September which will allow greater scope for fundraising. This is a huge milestone and we are very thankful to Northview Community Church for accounting and receipting assistance over the last two years.  We could not have done it without that help.

Future donation cheques need to be made out to Inasmuch Community Society and a year-end charitable receipt will be mailed at the beginning of 2017.

Operating costs are approximately $2,800/month with 100% of funds all funds raised going direct to the house with no overhead costs.

Inasmuch could use your help!

  • The beautiful twin babies go through a lot of diapers and are very costly. Donations of size 2 and size 3 diapers would help a great deal. 
  • Volunteers willing to come and watch the babies for a couple of hours to give mom some respite. If you are available, please contact Dawn-Lynn Prediger at 604-850-9214 or email hello@inasmuch.ca to arrange for a visit and interview.
  • Your prayers and support. There is a Kurdish woman and a young Kurdish couple who are awaiting decisions on their refugee protection applications. This is a very stressful time in the lives of all the precious people who come through the house.