March 2016 update

Every day we talk about what God is doing in this place and are overwhelmed at His goodness and direction.  As we write this update the house is full, beyond full to be honest, but the need for housing and assistance for refugee claimants is great.

Transitions in our family

Rashid & Madina  (Afghanistan) – In October they moved out on their own to Vancouver and are doing very well.  Madina called last week to let us know she is pregnant and just had to let us know first!

Babir & Seyran (Kurdistan Iraq) – they have both been working at a local manufacturing company for a couple of months and Babir applied for an assistant accounting position which he begins next week.  They moved into their own basement suite at the beginning of March and are excited about their new start.

Josian (Burundi) – The twins, Nadine and Nabor are six weeks old now and are absolutely beautiful and healthy.  Josian is a wonderful mother.  Please pray that her husband and children will be able to join her here in Canada in the future.

Victor (Nigeria) – Was granted refugee protection in January and is currently awaiting his permit.  In the mean time he is volunteering three days a week at the Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity). 

Kashvi & Akarsh (India) – Have been with us for almost two weeks after spending 6 weeks in detention upon their arrival.  Their hearing before the Refugee Protection Division is this Friday, 1 April.  They are precious people with very little English, but have fit into the family beautifully.

Sana (India) – She also arrived the same day after also spending 6 weeks in detention.  She is able to get by in English and is a great help with Kashvi & Akarsh.  She is sleeping on the couch but is very happy to have a safe place to stay.  Her hearing is 2 May.


CRA Charitable Status Application – We have had a response from CRA and will hopefully be able to proceed late summer. Northview Church continues to receipt donations and do a wonderful job in dealing with our expense disbursements.  We do not know how we could handle the finances without their assistance.

Branding & Web Development – We have been gifted by three wonderful men who have spent almost 20 hours with us and family members, and many additional hours distilling the essence of Inasmuch vision, purpose, values, and all that is needed to create its identity.  We are excited as a new website is now in final development. 

Board of Directors – We have had some additions to the Board and all are fully engaged in taking Inasmuch forward.

The House – The addition of the second kitchen has added a valuable new dynamic to the house and the smells of cooking from the different cultures fills the house each evening, along with laughter and conversation.  The family community is beautiful with members supporting and encouraging one another.

ESL training

We have been blessed with a dear friend who has a PhD in Sociolinguistics who comes to the house to teach English, and will soon be increasing that to three mornings a week.  She also visits some who have moved out to continue with language instruction.


Finances – Please consider partnering with us by donating on a monthly basis.  We are very careful with expenditures, with monthly operating costs approximately $2,700.  This includes rent, utilities, food for the family members and transportation to lawyer’s meetings and hearings.  It has been tight with the new arrivals who have also needed clothing and other personal basics.
Donations can continue to be made through Northview Community Church with Inasmuch as the designation.
Drivers - We are frequently requesting drivers to take family members to the Westcoast Express in Mission in the early mornings, or into Vancouver for meetings with lawyers.  If you are able to assist, please send your contact email address to We'd love to hear from you!


There are two Refugee Protection Division hearings in the next month where the future of these people is in the balance.  Please pray for God’s guidance for their lawyers and for the member of the RPD who will be presiding.

Also pray for Jesus Christ to be manifested and glorified in all that transpires moment by moment in the house.


We are so thankful for those who have come to the house to assist Josian with the twins. As well for those who have volunteered to drive family members to Vancouver for Canadian Border Services reporting, and meetings with lawyers.