Six new family members. And an invitation...

In our last newsletter we spoke of transitions.  There is no way we could have imagined who God was going to bring us next, but as always, He brought the people into inasmuch that we had been praying for.

We went to a meeting, but came home with family members

Although we’d planned a two week break before opening the house to new people, God had other plans.  

At the end of the first week of the break, we were at a meeting at the Inland Refugee Society in Vancouver.  The reception area was filled with more than 30 asylum seekers who were part of the recent influx of people crossing the border. They had just arrived and had no accommodation. 
Knowing we had room, we asked about a young couple we saw sitting in the corner.  We approached them and asked if they wanted to come home with us.  With a combination of fear and appreciation in their eyes they accepted.  And so we drove home with two precious people - an Iranian woman and her Kurdish husband. 

Different ages, different countries

Two weeks later we received a 64 year old Kurdish couple.  Can you imagine being almost retired and having to flee for your life?  They’ve been through so much but they have such gentle spirits.
And then, just before Easter we received a call from the Inland Refugee Society asking if we could take in a Palestinian mother and her 12 year old daughter.   Our family members have always been older, so to have someone so young has been wonderful.  We have been able to get her enrolled in middle school, and thanks to one of the optical stores in Abbotsford she has brand new glasses.

Fear, family and friendship

With all of these dear, new family members, fear is the common denominator.  When you hear their stories, your heart breaks.  We’re therefore very thankful that Northview Community Church has partnered with us to provide trauma counseling where needed.
To be honest, we were concerned about the combination of Middle Eastern countries now under the inasmuch roof.   Four days after the Palestinian mom and daughter arrived, we returned from a day in Vancouver to the sound of laughter, the smell of popcorn and the joy of cards being played.

Our short-sighted concerns evaporated. Christ knew our needs.

Easter dinner and the power of God’s Word.

We had 17 for Easter dinner, giving us the opportunity to share the true essence of Easter, the scripture describing it, and the hope we have as Christians.  When we explained that it wasn’t all about chocolate bunnies and eggs it spurred a lot of discussion.  Daily we write a new scripture on the whiteboard in the common area, and it too invariably brings interest and questions. 
It gives our family members hope as they also know that we are praying earnestly for them.  The young Kurdish man had never heard the name of Jesus and loves talking about Him.  He has downloaded the Kurdish-Surani translation of the Bible into his computer.
It’s a wonderful thing to watch as enquiring minds search for answers.

You’re invited!

We’re hosting an Open House at inasmuch on Saturday June 11 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.  

Come and see what God is doing! We’d love to meet you and there’ll be a snack lunch and tours too.

Ride for Refuge

Saturday 30 September

The Ride for Refuge is a North America wide event where organizations that work with refugees raise funds through a sponsored bike ride. 

Inasmuch has taken part in the ride for the last two years to raise funds for support of the work at the house. We had 20 team members last year with half being former inasmuch family members.  We even had a 90 year-old pushing a walker for 5 km as well as cyclists who completed a full 50km.

Please join our team as a rider or walker for this year’s Ride for Refuge.  The distances vary from 5km to 50 km.  Last year we raised $3,000 and this year the goal is $5,000. 

We also need a couple of team captains who can raise up riders and sponsors.

More information will be available mid-June and we’ll let you know more then!