Introducing Tammy...


Hi, I’m Tammy and I had the privilege of joining the Inasmuch team at the end of October as a part-time Administrator. I can’t say enough how excited I am to be serving alongside Dawn-Lynn and Peter.
My family and I received Sponsorship to move to Canada from South Africa in 1990 and although we didn’t face the same difficulties as a Refugee Claimant or Asylum Seeker, we completely understand the stress and challenge of resettlement. That’s why I’m especially passionate about working in this particular area.
One of the most important elements in a successful resettlement is a sense of community and belonging and that’s exactly what I felt when I visited with the Inasmuch family for the first time – a tangible, authentic, deep sense of belonging and connectedness.

Inasmuch doesn’t just provide shelter and services for Refugee families, it provides a warm, welcoming home where family members are loved and cherished. That’s what makes this organization so special!
This is a vibrant, diverse family of resilient men and women who have faced the kind of tragedies most of us will only ever read about. It’s a very humbling experience to walk through the Refugee Claimant process with them and I am truly thankful that I get to be a part of this chapter in their lives - to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are hurting and have had their worlds broken apart.
I love being a part of whatever we can to help them rebuild and thrive in their new country… it’s a privilege and a blessing.