Sometimes it can be a challenge to know how to help refugee claimants.

But thanks to Welcome Homes by Inasmuch Community Society, there’s now a way to get involved and help these vulnerable people, all the time while you’re supported by the knowledge and expertise of Inasmuch.

Welcome Homes helps local community groups provide transitional or long term housing and family support to newly arrived refugee claimants in Abbotsford.

Full training for community groups

Inasmuch Community Society provides eligible groups with full training, mentoring and advice to help them to provide housing support and friendship to refugee claimants.

Settlement services

In addition, Inasmuch provides full settlement services to the claimants themselves, including getting income assistance, opening a bank account, applying for a work permit, liaising with lawyers, reporting the CBSA and getting children into school etc.  

Transition housing

The community group commits to providing housing for the refugee claimants – for example, a basement suite or apartment or part of a home. If they are amenable a shared house situation would work too. The community group agrees to provide the housing at the same rate as the Income Assistance shelter rate.

Friendship and support

In conjunction with Inasmuch, the community group provides friendship and support to the refugee claimants to enable them to begin their journey of integration into the Abbotsford community. This support would include introduction to programs that would help them meet other people (social events, sports, library etc.) as well as helping them get oriented in the City, understanding the bus and transit system, where and how to buy groceries and more.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a group

Are you a member of a community group, small group, faith group, business group or group of friends?

2. Choose to help refugee claimants

If helping refugee claimants is part of the desire of your group, then Welcome Homes might be a perfect fit for you and your group.

3. Make accommodation available

If you have a house or condo or basement suite available to rent at below-market rates, tell us!

4. Join an info session

Find out all about Welcome Homes by joining an information session - evenings or weekends are available too! Just call us at: 604 850 9214.

5. Apply and get training

You can apply here: APPLICATION FORM and then we’ll process it, follow up with any questions.

6. Get ready to welcome!

Once you’ve been approved we’ll work with our intake team to find the right people to fit with your group and accommodations

7. Help folks settle

After the initial welcome, you’ll help the folks settle into their new home and neighbourhood. You’ll help them to navigate the city and start building their new lives.

8. Let Inasmuch do the rest!

Once they’ve moved in, Inasmuch will be with you for every step of the way. We’ll manage all the settlement work and bureaucracy and you’ll provide the family and friendship. Welcome Homes!

We are very grateful to the Abbotsford Community Foundation for the kind and generous support of this project.