There are people in our world facing crisis.

They are losing their homes, mourning the disappearance of loved ones, experiencing torture, receiving death threats, hiding from “ethnic cleansing”, and facing possible imprisonment.  Why?

Perhaps they possess the wrong physical traits, they follow the wrong religion, or they choose to speak up for the oppressed in their culture.  

The reasons for their endangerment don’t make logical sense in a civilized society.  These are educated, contributing, community-minded citizens who face unspeakable persecution from the hands of their own country-men without cause.  

They’ve risked it all, sacrificed everything to make it to Canada with the hope of starting a new life here.

When they arrive at inasmuch, they’re understandably uncertain of who they can trust, and their permanent entry into Canada is unknown.  

But over time, inasmuch becomes their home, volunteers becomes their adopted family, and other refugee claimants become their brothers and sisters.  

These people become family members, who cherish and serve one another.


NOTE: Inasmuch Community Society does not sponsor refugees or accept direct requests for housing of refugee claimants. If you are a refugee claimant seeking accommodation please contact SOS in Vancouver in the first instance.