All of us long for home.  

Some of us can’t define it, but we know we want it.

 Others think they have it, but they remain restless, always seeking an upgrade.  Perhaps it’s a memory, like sitting in Grandma’s kitchen eating a freshly baked cookie still warm.  

But on one or two rare occasions in life, we experience a place that feels like home even though we’ve never been there before.

At inasmuch we think we’ve found it.  

It’s a place where everyone finds home, whether you’ve lived in Abbotsford all of your life or just arrived from overseas.  It’s a place with good food, laughter, total acceptance, and love that transcends language and culture.

We want this to be your home too.  Whether you’ve come to serve, or seek refuge.  

This is family like you’ve never experienced.

Inasmuch Community Society provides transition housing, settlement services, customized employment counseling and basic living support in the first six to eight months following an asylum seeker’s arrival in BC. Our purpose is to create a family, a home and a supportive community for refugee claimants. 

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To protect our precious family members, we've chosen to use generic images on our website - and change people's names. Thank you for understanding.